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EmbryoName HK027- chicken embryo- Stage 26 - 6.1.15


Objective To dye seperate branches of each trigeminal nerve different colours to follow their cell bodies and see how they are organised. Also the dye each side of the same nerve a seperate colour so that I can notice any decussation or cross talk at the floorplate.


  • Trigeminal nerve L- Ant branch DiO and post branch DiI, opp on R side
  • 7th/8th nerve bi laterally, DiO on L and DiI on R

Notes very big embryo so nerves were nice and juicy and easy to place dye on so very little contamination. the 7th/8th nerve was a lot more developed than I'm used to and there were a lot of peripheral nerves that I noticed and so are potentials to try and dye seperately, like I did with the trigeminal nerve.


No images worth capturing - image too hazy


Facial and VIII

(Green and Orange on opposite sides)

  • Afferents

big bundle of afferents imaged on R side but DiO did not image at all, very hazy, poorly cleaned and cleared hindbrain

  • Efferents

few efferents imaged in what appears to be r4 not r5, only on R side with DiI


(green and orange)

  • Afferents

very disctinct bundle on both sides due to DiI but diO did not image,

  • Efferents

no efferents labelled via DiI which is interesting

  • Other


very poorly cleared and cleaned embryo, hazy image with data not worth collecting as everything is too foggy, a lack of efferents from the anterior branch of V is interesting but cannot be confirmed via only one dye injection

Questions why was diO not showing up on all 3 injection sites?

Future need to improve my clearing technique and also try test to see the quality of the DiO i'm currently using