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I think the best thing is to describe the specifics of the paper on the front page and use the talk page to actually discuss the paper. =Page naming+ Please name this pages with the following format:


(add a, b, c, etc at the end as necessary)

Please use the following template


Needing Journal Club entries

References that are mentioned throughout the project

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  • Developmental organization of the glossopharyngeal nucleus in the embryonic chick brainstem slice as revealed by optical sectioning recording, by (Sato et al 2002). Added a proposed question to the shared personal objectives document.
  • MOLECULAR PROFILING INDICATES AVIAN BRANCHIOMOTOR NUCLEI INVADE THE HINDBRAIN ALAR PLATE by Ju, Aroca, Luo, Puelles and Redies, 2004. Was helpful in some respects, made a few notes from it.
  • THE CRANIAL MUSCLES AND CRANIAL AND FIRST SPINAL NERVES IN AMIA CALVA, EDWARD PHELPS ALLIS but did not find it useful. --Reuben Cutfield 17:20, 4 January 2011 (EST)
  • 'Head morphogenesis in embryonic avian chimeras: evidence for a segmental pattern in the ectoderm corresponding to the neuromeres', Development 108, 543-558 and adding a few notes to my objectives page.
  • 'Cranial Sensory and Autonomic Ganglia' by ADELE DAMICO-MARTEL
  • 'Neural Crest and Placodal Contributions in the Development of the Glossopharyngeal-Vagal Complex in the Chick' by C.H. NARAYANAN AND Y. NARAYANAN .

Auditory group journal club articles

Papers to discuss in the journal club. S. G. Lomber, S. Malhotra, and J. M. Sprague, “Restoration of Acoustic Orienting Into a Cortically Deaf Hemifield by Reversible Deactivation of the Contralesional Superior Colliculus: The Acoustic "Sprague Effect",” Journal of Neurophysiology 97, no. 2 (11, 2006): 979-993. J. DeFelipe, “From the Connectome to the Synaptome: An Epic Love Story,” Science 330, no. 6008 (11, 2010): 1198-1201.

Other related reading (not to be discussed in the journal club) J. M. Sprague, “Interaction of Cortex and Superior Colliculus in Mediation of Visually Guided Behavior in the Cat,” Science 153, no. 3743 (9, 1966): 1544-1547. Alan C Rosenquist and S Murray Sherman, “JAMES MATHER SPRAGUE 1916– 2002” (National Academy of Sciences USA, Washington DC, 2007). B. B. Biswal et al., “Toward discovery science of human brain function,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107, no. 10 (2, 2010): 4734-4739.

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