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Dextran Amines

MW Conjugate Cat # Lot# Supplier
3K Alexa 488 D34682 400843
10K Alexa 488 D22910 40167A
10K Alexa 488 D22910 40167A
10K Alexa 594 D22913 39644A
3K Texas Red D3328 493214
3K Texas Red D3328 6501-2
3K FITC D3306 6501-1
10K FuoroRuby D1817 659-1
3K Biotin D7135 57319A

Lipophilic Dyes

Product Cat # Lot # Supplier
DiO (DiOC[18](3)) D275 22381W
DiO (DiOC[18](3)) D275 449001
DiO (DiOC[18](3)) D275 3571-3
SPDiOC[18](3) D7778 522343
DiI (DiIC[18](3), crystalline) D3911 454239
DiI (DiIC[18](3)) D282 40287A
DiI (DiIC[18](3)) D282 21522W
DiI oil D3886 43679A
DiASP (4-Di-10-ASP) D291 428246
DiASP (4-Di-16-ASP) D3883 454888
FAST DiI Oil D3899 4581-1
FAST DiI Oil D3899 456782
FAST DiI (solid) D7756 472854
FAST DiA (solid) D7758 417848
FAST DiO (solid) D3898 32151W
DiIC[12](3) D383 415589