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General Entries

Anatomy exercise

The day began with a tutorial with F.kubke on our progress with the construction of an anatomical atlas of the chick embryo followed by a brief tutorial on cranial nerve anatomy. Following that we selected nerves we were going to study for our histology training on Wednesday morning based on:

  • Which nerves contained both motor and sensory neurons so we could utilize each others tissue.
  • Which nerve would be the easiest to identify using the microscope following sectioning.

We decided on which stage we were going to use to locate our nerve. We then alongside F.Kubke completed a staging exercise in which we each used the HH staging method to assign an appropriate stage to an embryo.


Malisha: Trigeminal 5th cranial nerve, embryo staged at: stage 28
Reuben: Glossopharyngeal 9th nerve, embryo staged at: stage 22

We were given the task to complete a description of the anatomy of the human brain, to be completed by the 6th of Decemeber. We assigned ourselves the task of completing the first section of this desciption, on the cortical layers of the brain, by the end of wednesday. Malisha completed half of the image referencing for our work-in-progress anatomical atlas.

Personal Entries