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Visitor information

Note: These are just some general guidelines and may not suit everyone. Please check with your Koop lab contact before coming. Prices mentioned are just approximate and may not be current. Feel free to email anyone with questions

The Koop lab is on an island. The easiest option is to book your flight into Victoria International airport.

When you arrive at the Victoria International Airport:

You can catch a shuttle bus (roughly $15) or a cab (roughly $45) downtown. Ground transportation at the Victoria Airport also offers car rentals, as well as BC Transit (city) Bus services. The airport shuttle bus (Ph: (250) 386-2525; Toll Free: 1-877-386-2525) provides daily half-hour service to and from the airport to the University of Victoria and all hotels and motels in Greater Victoria. Shuttle bus cost to UVic is about $15.00 CDN one way, $10/person for groups of 3 or more coming to campus. Campus drop-off/pick up is at the Student Union Building and parking lot #5, which is beside the registration office of Housing, Food and Conference Services (off Sinclair Rd.), the UVic Residences, and conference centre. Note: if returning to the airport via the airport shuttle bus, please phone a day in advance 386-2525 between 4:30 am and 11:30 pm to make return reservations.

A cab from the downtown hotels to the University of Victoria is about $17.00 CDN. Parking: Parking at UVic costs $5.00 CDN per day (Canadian coins, VISA or MASTERCARD) Monday to Friday. Permits may be purchased at automated coin/credit card dispensers located in every numbered parking lot outside of Ring Road.

City buses can get you from downtown to the University for about $2.

If you fly into Vancouver and decide not to book a flight onward to Victoria there are other options. Here are a few of them:

1) BC ferries: The ferries are the way most people travel to Victoria from Vancouver. They run at least every other hour from 7AM to 9pm. The scenery is very nice especially if its sunny. You can buy a ticket and catch the Pacific Coastlines bus from the Vancouver International Airport to downtown Victoria ($37 one way). The bus will take you onto the ferry and drive you to downtown. The trip from the airport to downtown Victoria is roughly 4 hours.

2) Sea planes Harbour Air or West Coast Air: Seaplane terminals are found a short cab ride away from the Vancouver international airport (Richmond) and run roughly 3 times a day between 7AM to 5pm and are weather dependent. There are also baggage limitations. If you have a student card you can go standby for half fare (roughly $55 Canadian). If the weather is good it is a very beautiful and quick way to get from the airport (or downtown Vancouver) to downtown Victoria (45 minutes). Both seaplane companies have terminals in downtown Vancouver or in Richmond (which is a short cab ride from the airport). Check the websites and comfirm details with these companies before flying. Because of the infrequent hours this might be something to do for a little adventure once you are settled in here.

3) Helicopter Helijet: This is a fancy way to travel. It costs roughly $140 one way from the airport to downtown one way (35 minutes). Courtesy Shuttle Van service is available upon request. The Shuttle Van picks up at YVR International Terminal Arrivals Level at Pillar 1.

4) You could also rent a car but then you have to pay to take it on the ferry.

If you are coming from Seattle and decide not to fly over:

1) The Victoria Clipper is a fast ferry that will take you from downtown Seattle to downtown Victoria in about 3 hours. The ferry service is best accommodating (schedule-wise) for people coming from Seattle. Prices vary. Currently the most expensive fares would be $86 USD one way and $140 USD return.

2) You could also take a bus from Seattle to Vancouver. Here are a few companies listed. We don't have any experience with any of them so you would have to look into it. Quick Coach; Gotobus; Amtrak


If you are coming to the Koop lab for an extended stay and are looking for a temporary place to live, contact one of the lab members for advice. Depending on your budget and tastes it may be best to book a hotel or a hostel until you get settled. We can help you find longer term accommodations through the University of Victoria or other places such as Craig's list Victoria which can end up being more pleasant and economical.

Here are some cheaper hotels that are located in a convenient area downtown that are easily accessible by city bus to and from the University. These are basic (inexpensive and clean; i.e. liked by grad students/postdocs and their supervisors back home). There are of course many other options. Lab guests have stayed at the following:

Other stuff

  • Once you are here you may want to purchase a monthly bus pass
  • We may be able to set you up with some sort of bicycle once you are here. You need a helmet to ride in Victoria so if you are keen you might want to bring your own.