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Pseudomonas aeruginosa mer-operon cloning 2

Previously Disha encountered problems regarding the cloning of the operon. She tried two different approaches to obtaining chromosomal DNA:

  1. Freeze-thawing whole cell extract
  2. isolating the DNA with the Qiagen kit (link needed)

GTF meeting for BE402: Control systems theory

Attending: Jim Collins, Ryan Carey, Mike Koeris

  • Lecture layout
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays in PHO 206
    • Starts 10:00 sharp
    • 50min - 10min break - 40min
    • Lectures based on one princple and two amplifications
  • GTFs run two discussion sections


  • Starting 2nd week
  • 4-6 problems each, at least one biomedical engineering problem
  • Due Tuesdays at the BEGINNING of class
  • Office hours consequently held on Friday or Monday


Control Systems Engineering, 4th Ed. by Norman S. Nise ISBN 0471452432


  • 1st exam the Thrusday of presidents day week (February)
  • 2nd exam the Thursday (April)

Grading split

1st exam 25% 2nd exam 25% Final 35% Homework 15%