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KochLab -20C Freezer

May 2009--Stock GTP from Cytoskeleton

Steve Koch 01:46, 16 June 2009 (EDT): When we made this, we made a mistake of resuspending in water, not MgCl2. At this point, I don't remember the details of what tech support said. But this is what we did:

  • Have 100 mM GTP (sodium) in water (or buffer?/whatever is in the powder). Have 1M MgCl2. To make it equimolar of MgCl2.
    • 5 ul MgCl2
    • 50 ul resuspended GTP in water
    • 45 ul of cold H2O

Final concentration is 50 mM GTP

The rest of the non-magnesium GTP

We had 50 ul remaining of the GTP resuspended with water. This is still in the cytoskeleton tube.

KochLab -20C Freezer
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