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Podium Presentations

  1. The 4th Yao Yuan Biotech-Pharma International Symposium Global Coalition: A Synergistic Path to Biopharma Innovation. Hosted by Dr. Gui-Dong Liu, Director of the Yao Yuan Biotech-Pharma Consortium, and Professor Ya Cao, Deputy Director, Cancer Research Institute, Central South University. “Performing Pharmacokinetic Studies in the Juvenile and Adult Domesticated Swine: Does the PK Resemble Human Parameters?” Changsha, China, November 2012.

  2. An Introduction to Reduced Stress Pharmacological Research in Swine Utilizing Automated Blood Sampling. Hosted by Mrs. Robyn McCain, Purdue Translational Pharmacology CTSI Core. “An Evaluation of the Juvenile Porcine Model for Pediatric Formulation Development.” West Lafayette, IN, October 2012.

  3. Organized and Moderated a Short Course on “Mechanistic Oral Absorption Modeling.” West Lafayette, IN, July 2012.

  4. Mechanistic Oral Absorption Short Course, Moderated by Drs. Manuel Sanchez-Felix, Michael Bolger, John Rose, and Gregory Knipp. Presented “Introduction to Physiological Rate Determining Steps Governing Oral Absorption.” July 2012.

  5. Science on Tap Presentation, West Lafayette, IN. Hosted by Ms. Rebecca Scott. “Therapeutic Orphans: Investigating New Ways to Expedite Pediatric Medicine Development.” June 2012.

  6. SSCI-Aptuit, Inc., West Lafayette, IN. Hosted by Dr. Lisa McQueen. “Elucidation of Physiologically Relevant, Rate Determining Steps Governing Oral Absorption.” February 2012.

  7. The University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Hosted by Dr. Robert Arnold. “The Effects of DEHP on the Essential Fatty Acid Disposition in the Rat Placenta and Developing Fetus.” November 2011.

  8. W.J. Roth, C.B. Kissinger, S. Hannou, B.R. Cooper, R.R. McCain, R. Vreeman, and G.T. Knipp. Development and Testing of Novel Pediatric Formulation of Rifampicin for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) in Infants and Young Children. 2011 AAPS Indiana/Ohio Discussion Group-Pharma Industry Challenges/Perspectives Symposium. Indianapolis, IN, August 2011. (Dr. Knipp presented on behalf of Wyatt Roth.)

  9. The 2011 June Land of Lakes Research and Development Conference. Merrimac, WI. Hosted by Dr. Al Hanson. “Intestinal Drug Absorption as it Applies to the BCS: Considerations Regarding the Physiological Rate-Determining Factors that Impact Human Drug Absorption.” June 2011.

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