Knight:Preparing stabs

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For long term storage of bacterial strains. Useful for shipping strains.


  • Stab agar
    • 10 g nutrient broth
    • 5 g NaCl
    • 6 g agar
    • 10 mg cysteine˙Cl
    • 10 mg thymine
    • H2O to 1 L

Autoclave to sterilize.


  1. Fill airtight, autoclavable vials with rubber or teflon caps 2/3 full of stab agar
  2. Inoculate with a single colony repeatedly poking the inoculating loop into the agar
  3. Incubate at 37°C for 8-12 hrs until cloudy tracks of bacteria become visible
  4. Seal tightly and store in the dark at room temperature (15-22°C)
  5. Revive by using inoculating loop to streak onto a new LB plate


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