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Part designs and construction plans -- Knight Lab

  • Ongoing: library of transcriptional terminators, characterization of terminators. Cassie Huang
  • Ongoing: library of zinc finger transcriptional repressors, characterization, design, construction: Reshma Shetty
  • Ongoing: new low copy number vectors for E. coli in standard component form; compatible set of antibiotic resistance parts: Reshma Shetty
  • Ongoing: library of RNA splicing constructs for dynamic post transcriptional modification of mRNA species: Austin Che
  • Ongoing: library of yeast artificial chromosome components: Tom Knight
  • Ongoing: library of transposon and transposome components: Tom Knight
  • Ongoing: scent producing genes in E. coli, substrate production and optimization of the metabolic pathways: MIT IGEM team
  • Ongoing: Optimization of standard assembly process with robotic implementation: Tom Knight, Randy Rettberg, Meagan Lizzaro
    • standardized production techniques for chemically competent TOP10 cells
    • standardized production techniques for backbone plasmids
    • protocol design for three antibiotic assembly, manual and robotic
  • Ongoing: parts for construction of 2-D protein crystals, based on S-layer proteins: Julie Norville

  • Planned: library of all open reading frames in the Mesoplasma florum genome: Tom Knight
  • Planned: Editing constructs for yeast artificial chromosomes: Tom Knight
  • Planned: Yeast selection marker set: Tom Knight
  • Planned: Protein fusion tag library (Flag, Streptactin, 6-His (both ends), protein cleavage sites, degradatation tags: Tom Knight / Julie Norville

  • Interest: Library of promoters with varying strengths.
  • Interest: Better characterization based on turbidistat control of cell state and online induction control and measurement