Klapperich Lab: Hot Press a Microfluidic Chip Base

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Use a mechanical hot press to create the base to which a microfluidic chip with channels can be bonded.


  • Mechanical Hot Press
  • Zeonex beads
  • 2 Removable nickel plates


  1. Set the temperature of Platen 1 and 2 of the Hot Press to be around 330°F.
  2. Center a circular arrangement of Zeonex beads on one of the nickel plates.
  3. Place the nickel plate onto the bottom Platen of the Hot Press, and carefully place the other nickel plate on top without disrupting the arrangement of Zeonex beads.
  4. Pump the hydralic pressure handle until the platens touch and the pressure reading remains 0, and then wait 1 minute. This time allows the plastic to begin to warm and melt.
  5. Pump the hydralic handle until it reads 1000 psi.
  6. Hot press for 5 minutes.
  7. Remove and let cool.