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The Biomedical Materials Research Laboratory is focused on materials research activities in the broad areas of tissue engineering and biomedical device design. The laboratory is equipped for polymer and hydrogel synthesis, microfluidic device rapid prototyping, fabrication of tissue engineering scaffold materials, molecular analysis and tissue culture. The laboratory houses a dynamic mechanical analyzer for time and temperature sensitive testing of gel and polymer macroscale mechanical properties. This facility is a fully functional laboratory for integrated mechanical, chemical and biological testing of biomaterials. The laboratory is adjacent to the shared bio-micro/nanofabrication center. This cleanroom contains a mask aligner, AFM, DekTak Profilometer, e-beam evaporator and a spin coater. The lab also maintains a Hysitron Triboscope Nanoindentation Instrument located in the Low Vibration Area of the Photonics Center. Laboratory projects include experiments and modeling of the contact problem for nanoscale probes on soft hydrated biomaterials, cell-biomaterial interactions in tissue engineering materials, and diagnostic microfluidic device design.