Klapperich Lab:Photografting to Zeonex Slides

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This protocol describes the procedure for grafting PEG-acrylate to Zeonor slides.


  • PEG acrylate
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • 2-Dimethoxy-2-acetophenone (DMPAP)


  1. Weigh out 35 mg DMPAP
  2. Clean plastic slide with EtOH, then rinse with Millipore water
  3. Plasma treat surface of plastic slide
  4. Mixed DMPAP with 800L Ethylene Glycol and 1200L PEG-acrylate in 2mL tube
  5. Heat solution in hot water bath at 85&degC until DMPAP crystals have melted
  6. Vortex solution
  7. Add solution in uniform layer plastic slide
  8. Photograft slide in UV Crosslinker for 30 seconds on maximum energy
  9. Rinse with MeOH and let dry under hood
  10. remove excess poly-PEG acrylate


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