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4 August 2008 Lab Meeting Agenda

  • Announcements

† Discussion of Time for Fall Semester Group Meetings
Type when you are NOT available for group meetings HERE:

Cathie: MW afternoon, F all day

† OWW Lab Meeting Agenda and Notes Introduction and Discussion
† Other Announcements

Biological shipping training: Sonali (pls notify group of date), Hussam
Cathie out: this coming weekend and working from home/office next week

  • Project progress reports

†Flu R01
- set up meeting with Med school folks
- get back to flu in a couple of weeks

- Hussam&Jaephil: fixture for evaporation chip: give drawings to Alexis
- Sylvanus&Mark: pressure vs flow rate measurement, preliminary bacteria trapping

†Fraunhofer: LOAC
- lyse, extract, thermal cycle, PCR, plate read all in one robust equipment

†Biointerfaces group
- mask is done, when photoresist arrives, we'll pass it to Brett
- aspect ratio might be a problem

- Bird Flu - Sepsis - diarrhea all requires PCR
- Min Cheol will return to PCR modelling in a couple of weeks
- Jaephil&Qingqing: need to revisit how to develop double squiggle design
- Qingqing: repeat PCR measurement, then run gel on PCR products
- Qingqing: give CAD drawing to Min Cheol

- Sonali: PCR the tube reaction first
- Sonali: clean chip samples and run PCR again, EOH precipitation or run through column
- Cathie&Hussam&Sonali: meet with Nano-C on Aug 18
- Hussam: fixture for 4x monolith channels

- RCA results in a tube
- HDA results in a tube

†Senior project
- Jaephil: need a paragraph describing project scope on design of the chip
- Cathie: need another senior student
- Jaephil&Sonali: reservoir for HDA

†F31: Cochlea
- Nathan: starting antibody exp
- Nathan: buy 2 huge hard drives to backup data from U Comp

  • Student progress reports

† Jane - New substrates?
new batch with less dense gold

† Jane - MSSA?
figure out with Ranjith

† Qingqing - Blocking experiment results?
† Sonali - E. faecalis results?
† Hussam - fixture design/fabrication?

  • Summary of action items for next meeting (18 August 2008)

† Hussam: check on DC power supply
† Mark: pick up lab pc / Cathie's laptop to drive valve, and to learn Labview
† Cathie: ask Joyce about pumps -- EMAILED JOYCE 8/4
† Min Cheol: quote peristaltic pump

  • Upload your Plans and Actions Documents HERE:

Sylvanus's Update
Jane's Update
Qingqing's Update