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Building Living Machines From Biobricks - The Promise of Synthetic Biology

Meet The Team

The Imperial College Team for the Royal Society Summer Exhibition is led by

  • Professor Richard Kitney
  • Professor Paul Freemont

  • The Support Team was made of
    • Dr Geoff Baldwin
    • Dr Rob Dickinson
    • Dr Suhail Islam
    • Dr Duo Lu
    • Dr Chueh Loo Poh
    • Mr Matthieu Bultelle
    • Ms Kirsten Jensen
    • Mr Vincent Rouilly
    • Mr Baojun Wang

  • Finally the following undergraduate students also helped :
    • Christin Sander (iGEM 2006)
    • Farah Vohra (iGEM 2006)
    • Tong Cheuk Ka (iGEM 2007)
    • Dirk Van Sway (iGEM 2007)
    • Alexander Wong (iGEM 2007)
    • Peixuan Pey (iGEM 2007)


The Imperial College Team would like to thanks the following persons for their kind assistance:

  • Dr Emmanuel Drakakis
  • Martin Holloway
  • Sculptor Lone Sigurdsson (check her wonderful e-coli table here )

We would also like to acknowledge the kind support of the following sponsors. Without them our participation at this year's summer exhibition would never have been possible:

  • Imperial college , London:
    • Department of Bioengineering
    • Division of Molecular Biosciences
    • The Faculty of Engineering
    • The Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Research Funding Bodies

  • Finally our new sponsor for iGEM 2007:

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