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Hello. My name is Kevin F. Murphy. I am a 5th year graduate student here in the Collins lab. I am part of the interdisciplinary MCBB program at Boston University. [1] My research interests fall within the field of synthetic biology. More specifically, I am investigating how endogenous and exogenous components of synthetic gene constructs affect the dynamics of gene expression. I'm intersted in how certain components, such as transcription scaffold binding sites, repressor protein operators, and even coding sequence can influence expression properties such as noise, steepness of response, leakage, maximum expression levels, and expression timing.


Murphy KF, Balazsi G, Collins JJ. Combinatorial Promoter Design for Engineering Noisy Gene Expression. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA published July 24, 2007 [pdf file]

Blake WJ, Balazsi G, Kohanski MA, Isaacs FJ, Murphy KF, Kuang Y, Cantor CR, Walt DR, Collins JJ. Phenotypic Consequences of Promoter-Mediated Transcriptional Noise. Molecular Cell 24: 853-865 (2006).[pdf file]

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