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The Kemp Lab

Redox Systems Biology at Georgia Tech

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Our streak continues! Abby Hill wins the BME department Best Undergraduate Research award. She will receive a $250 prize, well-deserved for her many dedicated hours with the lab over the past two years!

Catherine Rivet is named the winner of the 2011 IBB Suddath Student Award, one of the highest honors for a graduate student in the biosciences/bioengineering at Georgia Tech. She will receive $1500 for research and travel and will deliver a special seminar next spring on her work. Congratulations!

We have a press release on our paper this month in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics.

Melissa Kemp is awarded the Georgia Tech Undergraduate Research Mentor award among junior faculty across the university.

Catherine Rivet's and Abby Hill's manuscript "Predicting cytotoxic T cell age from multivariate analysis of static and dynamic biomarkers" has been accepted to Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. You can check it out here.

Phillip Lee is awarded the runner-up prize (and $250) at the annual Georgia Tech Bioinformatics poster session.

Willa Ni and Debika Mitra have received the President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2011 semester!

Phillip Lee has been awarded a Computational Biology Faculty Graduate Research Assistantship by the Department of Biology.

Ailia Gardezi has been selected to participate in the 2010-11 Graduate Leadership Program. She will be traveling to a weekend retreat at Callaway Gardens this month as part of the program.

Katie Brasuk and Abby Hill have both received President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Fall 2010 semester.

Melissa Kemp has been selected to receive the Council for Systems Biology in Boston (CSB2) Prize for Innovative Measurement Methods. As this year’s recipient, she will deliver a plenary talk at the Conference on Systems Biology of Human Disease (June 13-15) at Harvard Medical School.

Phillip Lee has been awarded a Computational Biology Faculty Graduate Research Assistantship by the Department of Biology. This award is designed for Bioinformatics master's students to conduct research during the summer term.

Ted Chen is awarded a National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. He will be enrolling in the Bioengineering Ph.D. program at University of Washington in the fall to study biomaterials and tissue engineering. Congratulations, Ted!

Ted Chen is selected by the College of Engineering as a winner of the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award! This award comes with a $250 cash prize. Ted will be honored at a reception following the Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium on 3/16.

The NSF Science and Technology Center "Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems" between MIT, UIUC, and Georgia Tech, has been funded for 5 years and 25 million dollars. Here are links to the press releases:
The Kemp lab will be involved in developing the enabling computational modeling technologies needed to design and assemble complex multicellular biological machines.

Nnenna Adimora's manuscript "A model of redox kinetics implicates the thiol proteome in cellular hydrogen peroxide responses" has been accepted to Antioxidants & Redox Signaling. You can check it out here.

Katie Brasuk and Debika Mitra received President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2010 semester. Congratulations to both of you!

Dr. Don-Ricardo Miller is awarded a Young Investigator award at the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine's 2009 meeting!

Willa Ni is accepted into the prestigious Undergraduate Research Scholar program run by IBB. This is the second year in a row that we have an award winner with a full year of sponsored undergraduate research and a $3000 summer stipend. Congratulations, Willa!

Don-Ricardo Miller's abstract is accepted to the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine annual meeting, to be held in San Francisco Nov. 18-22.

Melissa Kemp is honored with a NIH Director’s New Innovator Award!
Press release information:

Abby Hill's poster abstract, titled "Quantification of Senescence in Cultured Primary T Cells", was accepted for the fall meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Congratulations!

Gaurav Dwivedi presents his poster "Redox regulation of phosphatases as a mechanism for activating the MAPK cascade" at the Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering biannual symposium, held in Denver, CO.

Dr. Don-Ricardo Miller joins the group as a postdoc, advised jointly with Christine Payne. Don will be working on cellular imaging of protein movement during oxidative stress

Catherine Rivet successfully completes her qualifying exam in the Bioengineering Ph.D. program. Great job, Catherine!

Ted Chen receives a President's Undergraduate Research Award for the Spring 2009 semester. This is his second year in a row to receive this competitive honor.

Catherine Rivet successfully defends her M.S. thesis "Study of early signaling events in T cell activation enabled through a modular and multi-time point microfluidic device". She's the first to get a degree awarded from research in the lab!

Abby Hill is designated an Undergraduate Research Scholar in IBB. This award is for a full year of undergraduate research and a $4000 summer stipend. Congratulations, Abby!

Ted Chen receives a PURA travel award to participate in the BMES annual meeting.

Our grant on microfluidic devices for assessing T cell functionality (Hang Lu, Melissa Kemp co-PI's) is awarded by the National Cancer Institute's Innovative Technologies for Molecular Analysis of Cancer Progam.

Congratulations to John Vaughns for his Fall 2008 President's Undergraduate Research Award!

Melissa Kemp and Hang Lu receive pilot funding from the Integrative BioSystems Institute

Nnenna Adimora is awarded a NSF Graduate Fellowship!

Congratulations to Karen Shih for her Spring 2007 President's Undergraduate Research Award!

Melissa Kemp is named a Distinguished Cancer Scholar by the Georgia Cancer Coalition

Congratulations to Ted Chen for his Fall 2007 President's Undergraduate Research Award!