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  • Author: Mehdi Asghari
  • Date: Mar 5, 2012


  • Thermocyclers are used to quickly generate and maintain specific temperatures for defined periods of time in order to carry out polymerase chain reactions (PCR) or to incubate experimental samples at specific temperatures.

Risk assessment

  • Potential burn hazard from high temperatures.
  • Chemical and biological exposure hazard from the bursting/failure of sample container cap due to internal pressure buildup during heating.

Startup procedure

  • Ensure that the block is clean.
  • Turn on the thermocycler and set up the desired thermal cycling program/file (see manual).
  • Start the thermocycling program.
  • Allow the thermocycler to preheat to the starting temperature.
  • Place PCR tubes into the block.

Shutdown procedure

  • Ensure that the thermocycling program is complete.
  • Remove PCR tubes from the thermocycler.
  • Turn off the thermocycler.

Special circumstances

  • In the event of a power failure wear protective gloves and remove all samples from the thermocycler.


  • Thermocyclers are inspected weekly by the person in charge for cleanliness.


  • To prevent electrical shock, always turn off and unplug the instrument before cleaning it.