Kelley:CommonArea Etiquette

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Sign-up for Equipment

  • For the following heavily used equipment please sign-up in advance.

Sink Usage

  • Do not leave your items in the sink. Any sample left around the sink may be thrown away.
  • Wipe down counter to keep area clean and dry


  • Clean balances after use
  • Don't leave spatulas lying around
  • Put reagents back after use
  • Throw away any weighing papers/trays
  • Throw away any trash, even if it's someone else's mess

pH Meter

  • Turn on with probe still in buffer
  • Remove probe from buffer and rinse with ddH2O into rinse waste collection container
  • Measure pH
  • Rinse again after use
  • Replace probe in buffer before turning off
  • Empty rinse waste collection container
  • Clean up before leaving


  • Put all reagents back after use
  • Clean up any spills
  • Make sure everything is neatly arranged
  • Throw away any trash