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Ongoing Projects

  • Growth Log (live doc, edited by Grant and Mel. E-mail to ask for permission to view/edit): [Growth Log]

Background Reading

This catalog of papers is meant only to get you started on a research project and should not necessarily be considered complete.

All of the papers listed below are available through Case Western Reserve University's database. Most other universities provide similar access to scholarly journals. If you are having trouble accessing any of these papers but you are a CWRU student, then you must not be connected to the network (or connected as a Guest).

Ternary Nitride Crystals

  • "Ab initio study of the structural and optical properties of orthorhomic ternary nitride crystals", Jung Y Huang, L-C Tang, M H Lee, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (2001) 10417-10431. http://iopscience.iop.org/0953-8984/13/46/312.


  • "Charge-neutral disorder and polytypes in heterovalent wurtzite-based ternary semiconductors: The importance of the octet rule", Paul C. Quayle, Eric W. Blanton, Atchara Punya, Grant T. Junno, Keliang He, Lu Han, Hongping Zhao, Jie Shan, Walter R. L. Lambrecht, Kathleen Kash, Physical Review B 91, 205207(2015). http://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.91.205207.


  • "A Combinatorial Material Study on ZnSnN2 Solar Absorber", Angela N. Fioretti, Andriy Zakutayev, Helio Moutinho, Celeste MElamed, Andrew Norman, Mowafak Al-Jassim, Eric S. Toberer, Adele C. Tamboli, (arXiv 2015). http://arxiv.org/pdf/1504.01819v1.pdf.





  • "Ab initio band structure calculations of Mg3N2 and MgSiN2", C. M. Fang, R. A. de Groot, R. J. Bruls, H.T. Hintzen, G. de With, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 11 (1999) 4833-4842. http://iopscience.iop.org/0953-8984/11/25/304.


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Standard Operating Procedures


  • How to calculate the Zinc pressure from evaporation rate in the Easy Bake Oven: [Zn_pressurecalc]