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Providence Info


What follows is info on visiting and seeking housing in Providence contributed by BRPB in June 2020; it will be lightly and haphazardly updated.

  • People use Brown's official off-campus housing site (https://www.brown.edu/offices/real-estate/off-campus-listings) or Craigslist.
  • There is a graduate student listserv where people advertise housing, but it's sporadic. Late spring/early summer is a good time start looking because there are a lot of ads out there.
  • Most near-campus leases start June 1st; that is not to say you cant get something earlier or later.
  • Regarding where to live, most graduate students live @ Fox point, Wickenden, Benefit, College-hill, Wayland Square or off Hope St. Most of these places are 15 mins walking from school--depending on how far down Hope St you go.
  • More often postdocs, lab managers, etc. live in Blackstone, Hope Village, Federal Hill, or Pawtucket. These places are further away from campus -- requires bus or driving -- but they are generally cheaper, nicer and more spacious.
  • Side note: Something that has been confusing to many people about the neighborhoods is that many are on the East Side of Providence, but the East Side is different from "East Providence" -- the latter being across the bridge towards Seekonk, MA.

Brown Info