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Tianjin iGEM 2007

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Excelence is not an act but a habit.

With the passion for winning, innovative ideas and team work spirit, students from Tianjin University Team are actively participating in this competition. Sound financial and technological strength is what we rely on to do a good job in this competition. We are looking forward to your attention to our team.


Kangjian Qiao

Boelter Hall 5531, 420 Westwood Plaza, UCLA

Los Angeles, CA 90095

E-mail : qiaokangjian@ucla.edu


  • 2003-2007, BS, Tianjin University
  • 2007-present, PhD candidate, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Experience

  • Sep, 2004 ~ July, 2005: Participation in National Natural Science Foundation of China

Synthesis of novel spiroheterocyclic framework via the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition.

  • July, 2006 ~ July, 2007: Participation in the National Natural Science Foundation of China

Synthesis and character research of hydrogen-bond containing calixarenes.

  • July, 2006 ~ July, 2007: Participation in the iGEM competition.
  • Jan, 2008 ~ present: Natural product biosynthesis study in Yi Tang's lab, UCLA.

Industrial Experience

  • Jan, 2006 ~ March, 2006: Technical Advisor, I cooperated with colleagues from different universities and succeeded in finding the innovative point of the substituting method for synthesizing TFBA and designing a blue print for industrial production.

Membership and Interests

  • Sep, 2003 ~ Sep, 2005: Monitor of Class 8 of Chemical Engineering
  • Aug, 2005 ~ Sep, 2006: President of the Student Science & Technology Union
  • Jul, 2006 ~ Jul, 2007: Member of iGEM team of Tianjin University
  • 2010 ~ present