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The content below is most likely out of date. We also have a new lean and mean openwetware area.

List of printers

Note: all printers print double sided (duplex) - if you have problems getting this to work, please ask Bob.

Kafatos/Christophides Printers

HP Color LaserJet 4700dn on in 6th floor lab
HP LaserJet 2430 (b/w) on in 6th floor lab (RIP: LaserJet 2430 IP
Canon LBP3370 (b/w) on in Room 520 (RIP: HP P2015dn)

Crisanti Printers

HP Laserjet 2200 Series PCL 5 (b/w) on in 5th floor lab next to nanodrop
HP Laserjet 2200 Series PCL 5 (b/w) on on 4th floor
HP Color LaserJet 4700 (c) on in 5th floor lab


Please please please: replace toner when needed (shake and replace first - sometimes this gets another 1000 pages!) - and put the old cartridge and box on Bob or Yasmeen's desk so that we can re-order well before your next major deadline.

Windows Vista: Instructions for setting up a printer

  1. Click on "Add a printer" in the control panel under "Printers"
  2. Click on "Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer"
  3. The printer will not be in the list so select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP adress or hostname"
  4. Paste IP adress (e.g. or hostname (e.g. bio-fckprn.saf.ic.ac.uk) and click OK once

Windows XP: Instructions for setting up a printer

  1. In the control panel under "Printers and Faxes" click "Add printer"
  2. Select "Local Printer attached to this computer" but unselect the tickbox for P&P below
  3. Choose "Create a new port" and select "Standard TCP/IP Port"
  4. Paste IP adress (e.g. or hostname (e.g. bio-fckprn.saf.ic.ac.uk) and click Next
  5. Select manufacturer and model and then click next (Note that there is a generic "HP LaserJet" driver that you can use)
  6. Click next a few times (You do not need to share your printer) and then finish

OS-X: instructions for setting up a printer

See alternate instructions below for the Canon printer.

  1. Open "System Preferences" and select "Print & Fax"
  2. Click on the plus sign (+) below the printers list
  3. Click on "IP" in the top panel
  4. Paste IP adress (e.g.
  5. Wait until it says "Valid and complete address"
  6. Click "Add" and then "Continue" on the next screen

At least one of our printers (room 520) will wait for you to press a button on the actual printer before printing a "Letter" document on A4 paper if you are using a mac. If your Mac has "Letter" paper as default in "Page Setup" for all applications, you can change this: Go to Applications → Utilities → Printer Setup Utility → Preferences. Change the default paper option to A4.

It should work... please don't all print a test-page!

Canon LBP3370 Setup

Windows and Mac OS-X drivers are available from Canon's website - just follow the "drivers and software" link (top right). Bob also has a Windows-only Installer CD.

On Windows you have a choice of PCL5, PCL6 and UFR II drivers. You may want to try more than one (just make sure the port name is different).

On Mac, it looks like only the UFR II driver is available.

Adding the printer in Mac OS-X

It's not at all obvious how to do this, so here are some click-by-click instructions.

  1. Install the drivers by downloading from the web as above, open the "dmg" and run the installer. Annoyingly, this requires all applications to be shut and a restart.
  2. Open the Printer Setup Utility (Applications->Utilities)
  3. Immediately click on "More Printers..." at the bottom of the dialogue box
  4. Then in the uppermost pull-down menu, select "Canon IP (UFRII)"
  5. Then enter the IP address:
  6. Then you should be home and dry.