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Guidelines for waste management in the P3:

Only fill bags to the top edge of the bucket. If you fill the bucket to the top (or even close to the top) during your work, take care of it. Don't leave it for the next person to do. Once full, fold the top of the bag over once, seal it loosely with autoclave tape and replace the bucket with a fresh one. Bags should not be sealed tightly before autoclaving because it may prevent steam from entering the bag. Three buckets fit in the autoclave. If yours is the third, then run it. The setting is "P1 Discard Cycle". The temperature probe should be placed down the side of one of the buckets. Be courteous and always load the autoclave even if there are buckets there from another lab. When the autoclave cycle is complete transfer the shrivelled bags to an orange bag, seal it with a red plastic tie and carry it to the yellow bin in the hallway where we put the orange bags from the main lab. If you are unsure about something, ask, don't leave it undone.

Finally, if you find the autoclave is not working, please inform Ian/Fiona as soon as possible so they can attend to it. Otherwise the waste will pile up.