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Mike Osta

Division of Cell & Molecular Biology
South Kensington Campus, SAF
London, SW72AZ


I was a research associate in the Kafatos/Christophides Lab at Imperial College, London.
I am now at the American University of Beirut. AUB

Research Interests

  • Identification of Anopheles gambiae genes involved in the melanization of P. berghei ookinetes and characterization of the genetic interactions within the melanization immune module.
  • The roles of C-type lectins, clip-domain serine proteases and their homologues in defence against Plasmodium and bacterial infections.


  • 2002, PhD in Biology-Health, Université Montpellier II, France
  • 1998, D.E.A in Biology-Health, Université Saint Joseph, Lebanon
  • 1997, MSc in Microbiology and Immunology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon


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