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MMC2 annotation

EMBL A. gambiae MMC2 12k v1

Download this tab-delimited file of annotations based on the mapping of MMC2 reporters to the AgamP3.3 assembly/gene build using the VectorBase pipeline. All annotations are derived from the corresponding Ensembl gene(s) and transcript(s). When a microarray reporter (probe) corresponds to more than one gene, the corresponding annotations are joined with a vertical bar ("|"). Duplicate annotations (e.g. where two different transcipts contain the same domains) are removed.

If your existing data files contain ENSANGTnnnnnnnnnn reporter IDs, you will have to convert them to "gene-neutral" IDs (e.g. 123.4.5) using the this GAL file, before using the annotation file.

Warning: error found for reporter 64.1.1 (it is not spotted many times as the GAL file suggests) Maccallum 12:37, 6 March 2007 (EST)

To look up the current genome mapping of an MMC2 reporter, use a URL in the following style:


replacing the "1.2.3" with your reporter ID.