Julius B. Lucks/Meetings and Notes/01162008 T Ham

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Meeting with Tim Ham

  • all reagents listed in paper are available
    • inducible Fim and Hin
    • many RBSs
    • diff promoter systems
  • none in biobrick format, but restriction sites are outside of what is important
    • would start off by re-casting into biobricks - then can easily see what can do (take things out, leave things, move around) - test the limiting parameters
  • single inversion works
  • parts of double inversion don't work - not sure why
  • Hin - part of a big family (Gin, etc.) - swappable - all have same core binding site
  • Fim - native to E. coli - no other members in this family
    • FimB - reversible
    • FimE - inverts in one direction
  • project idea - synthetic counters
    • overlapping inversions like a latch (talk to Josh Gilmore from Keasling lab)
    • problem is need at least 4 independent invertases - they don't exist - would have to engineer them so that they don't have cross-talk
    • not clear how would screen or select for
  • engineering Zn-finger binding domains
  • read details of the 1st paper