Julius B. Lucks/M9 Supplemented Minimal Media

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This protocol is a derivative of Endy:M9_media/supplemented. Endy protocol items in black, our protocol items indented and in red.


For 1L of media

  • 500ml 2xM9 salts
    • used 11.28g of M9 Minimal Salts in 500ml of MiliQ-filtered H2O
  • 30ml 10 mg/ml thiamine hydrochloride
    • used 300 mg thiamine hydrochroride
  • 10ml 40% glycerol
    • used 8ml 50% glycerol
  • 20ml 10% casamino acids
    • wasn't sure if this was by weight or not. Assumed 10% by weight, so used 2g casamino acids.
  • 20ml 0.1M MgSO4
    • used 0.493 g (FW 246.49 g/mol)
  • 200μl 0.5M CaCl2
    • used the same (made 1ml 0.5 M CaCl2 with 74 mg (FW 147.01 g/mol))
  • 419.8ml sterile deionized H2O
    • we made the above solution and filled to 1L with MiliQ-filtered H2O

We combined the above ingredients, and filtered through a milipore steritop filter into a clean auto-claved 1L bottle. Stored at 4°C