Julia Meyer

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Julia Meyer

Research Technician

I graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences in 2005 with a degree in Microbiology. Previous to joining the Licht Lab I worked as a technician at the University of Minnesota and Imperial College London.

email: juliameyer@northwestern.edu


Marango J, Shimoyama M, Nishio H, Meyer JA, Min DJ, Sirulnik A, Martinez-Martinez Y, Chesi M, Bergsagel PL, Zhou MM, Waxman S, Leibovitch BA, Walsh MJ, Licht JD. The Multiple Myeloma SET Domain (MMSET) protein is a histone methyltransferase with characteristics of a transcriptional co-repressor. Blood. 2007, in press.

Gunawardena SR, Ruis BL, Meyer JA, Kapoor M, Conklin KF. NOM1 targets protein phosphatase I to the nucleolus. J Biol Chem. 2008, 283(1):398-404.

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