Jul 13,2008 Journal Club

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7.13 Journal Club

In Attendance: Eric, Yang Xiao, Li Yijie, Zhao Yue, Tian He, Ma Qing, Huang Qiushi, Yu Tao, Zheng Qinsi
Noted by Yang Xiao.

Progress Report:

  • Group I, hAID

They did the ligation of the promoter and tried the double ligation. But due to some reasons, the promoters were not successfully ligated. As for the double ligation, they found something wrong with the plasmid: when it was cut, they cannot find the band of the right size. Moreover, the size of the plasmid wasn't right, either. So they set back to the very first step, and did a lot of control in order to find the very reason of the problem...

  • Group II, Gal4

Group II has extracted lexO, and is constructing one Nonsense Mutation of gal4 system. Plasmid will be extracted tomorrow. Problems: Cannot find plasmid pGREG505, so they had to extract them from the bacteria cultivated by ZHOU Zhou two months ago…

  • Group III, LacI and Yeast

Tian He succeeded in transforming the plasmid into yeast. However, whether they are recombinant clones depends on the sequencing analysis.

Debates on Neurogenesis in Adult Neocortex in Mammals by Zheng Qinsi
Neurogenesis in the Neocortex of Adult Primate, Science Vol 286, 548(1999)
Cell Proliferation Without Neurogenesis in Adult Primate Neocortex, Science Vol 294, 2127 (2001)

Others 1) Delicious fruits shared (melons, lichee, plums~~), so maybe we can bring some snacks and have them shared in the following JCs ^_^
2) ZhaoYue and YangXiao bought 4 FROGS for our lab, everyone please take care of them. And let's try to make out theFrog Feeding Protocol together~~
3) Finally we have a lab diary to write down those interesting trifles besides experiment records