Jul 06,2008 Journal Club

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7.06 Journal Club

In Attendance: Eric, Lu Yuanye, Yang Xiao, Li Yijie, Zhao Yue, Xing Jiqian, Jia Jia, Shao Wenjun, Tian He, Ma Qing, Wang Zengguang, Huang Qiushi
Noted by Yang Xiao, Zhao Yue

Progress Report:

  • Group I ,by Ma Qing(hAID)

The group encountered problems caused by recognition sequences on T carrier while digesting the T carrier ligation product. So they decided to use the plasmid for ligation instead.
This week Group I will begin constructing different pADH promoters and linkers.

  • Group II, by Lu Yuanye(Gal4)

Finally they got a right digestion result. Sequence analysis as well as synthesized lexO will be sent back this week.Group II will begin constructing the mutated gal4 system this week.

  • Group III, by Tian He(Yeast)

Last week, Tian He went to NIBS to study the yeast cultivation and transformation. Unfortunately, our yeast had aged so badly that the concentration couldn't reach the level for transformation. Fresh yeasts are cultivated this week.

  • PART IV, by Xing Jiqian(wiki)

Wiki has been constructed, and there're already some experiment record uploaded by Yue ZHAO and Xiao YANG. This week we'll continue uploading. And from today on, everyone please upload your daily experiment record in time ^_^

Journal Club

  • Team 1: Fusion Protein, Zengguang WANG, Qing MA, Eric

Eric introduced the linkers he designed, and proposed the leucine zipper idea as a backup plan.

  • Team 2: Delete NES of hAID, Yuanye LV, Yue ZHAO, Wenjun SHAO

Shao Wenjun introduced the NES progress during AID function.

  • Team 3: Phosphorilation: Xiao YANG, Yijie LI

Yang Xiao introduced the phosphorylation progress during AID function.
We noticed the relationship btw phosphorylation and NES, and maybe we could find a way to enhance the AID activity through such progress. So more references are required for Xiao YANG and Wenjun SHAO^_^

  • Team 4: Yeast Cultivation: He TIAN, Lei HUANG

Tian He introduced the yeast cultivation and transformation protocol to us.

New group:
A MaQqing, Eric, LiYiJje
B Tianhe, WangZengGuang, ShaoWenJun
C LuYuanYe, HuangQiuShi
D ZhaoYue, YangXiao
Working time arrangement: please see Lu Yuanye's E-mail for details

1. Whoever needs new experiment materials, please write them on the blackboard in 319
2. Our icebox in 319 is nearly full, it needs cleaning up!

JC this week
Zhao Yue will organize the Journal Club the next week.