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Transforming Arabidopsis

  1. O/N starter culture (10ml with appropriate antibiotics; GV3101 should be grown in Rif, Gent and plasmid-specific Ab), at 28°C
  2. Spin down 2 ml of O/N culture at 3000 rpm for 15 min
  3. Resuspend in 300 μL Inoculation Buffer
  4. Pipette solution (yellow tip) onto developing buds, removing excess liquid
  5. Shade plants with green trays O/N
  6. Repeat on a weekly basis

Inoculation Buffer

5% sucrose (w/v), 0.02% Silwet L77 (v/v)


0.5 g sucrose

2 μL Silwet

Make up with dH2O