Jonathan Tsui

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Research focus

Development of novel biomaterials and nanoscale technologies for use in tissue engineering applications.


1. Shankarappa SA, Tsui JH, Kim KN, Reznor G, Dohlman JC, Langer R, Kohane DS. Prolonged nerve blockade delays the onset of neuropathic pain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. In press.

2. Cohen-Karni T, Jeong KJ, Tsui JH, Reznor G, Mustata M, Wanunu M, Graham A, Marks C, Bell DC, Langer R, Kohane DS. Nanocomposite gold-silk nanofibers. Nano Lett. In press.

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5. Weldon CB*, Tsui JH*, Shankarappa SA, Nguyen VT, Ma M, Anderson DG, Kohane DS. Electrospun drug-eluting sutures for local anesthesia. J. Control. Release. 2012; 161: 903-909. (*denotes equal contribution)

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1. Shankarappa SA, Tsui JH, Kim KN, Reznor G, Dohlman JC, Langer RS, Kohane DS. Therapeutic Use of Liposome Encapsulated Saxitoxin for the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Pain. Poster presented at 41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience; 2011 Nov 12-16; Washington, DC.

2. Degala S, Tsui JH, Milton SD, Bonassar LJ. The Effect of Peptide Sequence on IGF-I Release and Biosynthetic Response of Chondrocytes in Modified Alginates. Poster presented at The 56th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society; 2010 Mar 6-9; New Orleans, LA.

3. Yu N, Vandebroek EE, Tsui JH, Bonassar LJ. Effect of Binding Site Density on IGF-I Release and Chondrocyte Matrix Assembly in Modified Alginate Hydrogels. Poster presented at The 55th Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society; 2009 Feb 22-25; Las Vegas, NV.