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Dear aspiring undergraduate researcher,

With an increase in interested undergraduate students seeking a research position in the Jin Lab, it has become necessary to formalize a protocol to ensure new students are familiar with the research being conducted and recognize what is expected of them before they begin experiments.

The Jin Lab welcomes highly-motivated students of any background who are genuinely interested in the research. Working in this lab will grant meaningful experience and exposure to relevant, real-world topics. Additionally, independently designed experiments will require students to exercise critical-thinking in tasks such as incorporating proper controls or investigating possible experimental errors.

For an easier time adjusting to the lab setting, it is suggested that you be familiar with subjects such as microbiology or biochemistry as many of the concepts and procedures you will encounter in the Jin Lab build upon these foundations. Suggested classes include molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry, metabolic engineering, and related lab courses.

To briefly summarize your undergraduate research experience at the Jin Lab:

  1. You will be helping the graduate students or post docs with their projects to achieve the overall goal of producing value-added products from renewable biomass by means of microbiological engineering.
  2. We will assign you to a mentor (either grad students or post docs) who will train you in basic maintenance and experimental procedures.
  3. Experienced students will work under the continued guidance of a mentor but will be expected to manage their own experiments and continue to help maintain the lab space.
  4. Up to three credits can be received for FSHN 295 (credit for undergraduate research in other departments is available with respective departmental approval). You will be expected to:
    1. Work for at least 2-3 hours a week per credit.
    2. Present one presentation per credit during Wednesday Jin Lab meetings.

To be considered for a research position, you will need to gain a basic understanding of the nature of the research at the Jin Lab. Undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the lab meetings for at least four weeks. Lab meetings begin on Fridays at 3:00p in 202 Agricultural Bioprocess Laboratory and Wednesday 4:00p in Room room 1140 of Institute for Genomic Biology. Wednesday meetings are presentations from the students about the results of ongoing projects. Friday meetings are a presentation and discussion of relevant and recent scientific research. Both meetings will give you the opportunity to meet the lab members and ask questions concerning their research.

Please feel free to attend the meeting anytime during the semester - you may be asked to introduce yourself to Dr. Jin and the other lab members. After the four week period, those who are interested in the research at the Jin Lab can present potential projects of interest to Dr. Jin who will discuss possible options with you. Once the position is secured with Dr. Jin’s approval, you will need to see Brenda Roy for certification to work in the lab. The certification process will require you to take two online safety quizzes – a lab safety quiz and an IGB lab quiz, attend an undergraduate safety training, and renew your iCard for access to the lab. Once the certification process is done, you will officially be a part of the Jin Lab!

For more information, visit: http://openwetware.org/wiki/Jin. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jin at: ysjin@illinois.edu