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General Group Meeting Schedule

Date Time Location Note
14-Oct 7pm-9pm 313 Immune repertoire VDJ plot, please bring your labtop
9-Oct 9pm-10pm 313 1, 2009 science paper. 2, use of supercomputer on antibody repertoire. 3,pearl, the first 4 chapters. http://directory.umm.ac.id/Networking%20Manual/OReilly.Beginning.Perl%20For%20Bioinformatics.pdf
3-Oct 10 am-12pm, 2:30pm-4:30pm 313 Next-generation sequencing. Chenchen,Yiqi,Yujun,please read one paper each and prepare a 30 minutes talk. General Bioinformatics. Please install Bioedit in your laptop
1-Oct 10 am-12pm 313 Yidan Pan on PGI, and immunology short class. Chenchen,Yiqi,Yujun, please watch the open class and get the book