Jessica Karen Wong/Notebook/2007-8-4

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  • All plates have growth!
  • Set up 10 ul Colony PCR rxns
    • 4 of each I2055-SX-B0032, I2055-SX-B0030, I2055-SX-B0031, I2055-EX-BOO32, I2057-EX-J116, I2057-EX-R0040, I2057-EX-J100, I2057-ES-R0040
    • 8 of each sealed I2055-EX, I2055-SX
  • Made chemically competent MG1655
  • Plated puc18 and 55-SX-B0031 (which grew well on Top10 overnight) as positive controls
  • Transformed 3 different F2620-3K3 ligations in Felix's Top10
  • PCR cleaned the preped I2057-EX E/X and I2057-ES E/S digests
  • Transformed the E0240 Mutagenesis in Top10