Jessica Karen Wong/Notebook/2007-8-3

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  • Sent for sequencing
    • I2056 scarred in 3K3 colonies 4-7, I2057-ES and I2057-EX sealed w/ Not1
    • Each processed with VF and VR primers
  • Started Mutagenesis
    • Did thermal cycling and digests
    • Waiting to transform until we are sure we have competent cells
  • Saw no growth on any of the 10 overnight plates - PCR I2055 sealed and with RBS's, and PCR I2057 with Promoters
  • Replated all of yesterday's transformations in Felix's new batch of Top10
  • Digested presealed I2057-ES and I2057-EX E/S and E/X respectively
    • Used both DNA in EB and in 8.5 water