Jessica Karen Wong/Notebook/2007-8-13

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I2056 and I2055 Colony PCR Gel
  • Ran gel of the overnight I2056, I2055 colony PCR
    • Top Row: I56EX (1-8) sp lad sp I56SX (1-8)
    • Bottom Row:I55SX (1-8) sp lad sp I56SX (9) I56EX (9) I55SX (9) I55EX (1-5)
  • Made overnights of I56EX-2,8 I56SX- 4,8 I55SX-4,6 I55EX-3,2
  • Sent in Seq
    • 2 colonies (3.4 and 2.6) of F2620
    • I2055-B0032 both SX and EX
    • I2056-J116EX
  • Ran a digest of I55EX, I55SX, I56EX, I56SX each with Not1
  • Picked new E0240-ES colonies to overnight for seq (M1-2, M1-3, M1-4, E2-4, I2-3)
  • Ligated
    • I2055-EX with each B31, B32, B34
    • I2055-SX with B31, B34
    • same for I2056
  • Looked at Seq
    • I2056-SX-B30-1 doesn't contain B0030
    • I2056-SX-B30-G perfect except for a 1bp mutation in GFP, is silent though b/c colony was glowing