Jessica Karen Wong/Notebook/2007-8-12

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Dpn1 digest of I2055 and I2056
  • PCR cleaned I2055 and I2056's dpn1 digests of PCR prod
    • Ran a gel loaded: lad I2056-EX I2056-SX I2055-EX I2055-SX
    • Still had good amount of DNA the right size
    • Digested I2056 and I2055 result w/ S/X and E/X
  • Set up overnight colony PCR's
    • 9 samples of each I2056-EX, I2056-SX, I2055-SX
    • 5 samples of I2055-EX (that's all there was)
  • Testing plates (aka w/ RBS's) weren't fluorescent at all under the imager