Jessica Karen Wong/Notebook/2007-8-11

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I2055/I2056 BB PCR Gel
  • Ran a gel of I2055 and I2056 BB redo PCR
    • Loaded: Lad I2055-EX I2055-SX I2056-EX I2056-SX
    • Digested the PCR w/ Dpn1 overnight
  • Minipreped I2055-EX-B34-2, I55-SX-B32-2, F2620-2-6, F2620-3-4, I2057-EX-J116 for seq (will send in on Mon)
  • Transformed sealed I2055 and I2056 EX and SX made w/ dpn1 in ligation mix
  • Plated those and also the transformations from yesterday - I56-EX-B31, I55-SX-B31, I55-EX-B31, I55-EX-B32, I56-SX-B31, I55-SX-B32, I56-EX-B32