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August 2018 (From the left: Young, Zhihao, Sungjoon, Ashu, Yukuang, Ziwei, Xiaotong, and Kyoungjae)

Nov 2016 (From the left: Becca, Sungjoon, Young, Kyoungjae, Miaoran, Ashu, Kun, Yukuang, and Tianzhuo)

Miaoran received Chancellor's Graduate Research Award (January 2016)

March 2016 (From the left: Becca, Miaoran, Ashu, Young, Sungjoon, Chengxiang, and Kun)

April 2015 (From the left: Shu, Becca, Sungjoon, Heesue, James, Miaoran, Young, Di, and Xian)

Jeong lab moved to MBRB (September 2015)

Xian getting the poster award, Experimental Biology meeting (March 2015)

July 2014 (From the left: Shu, Miaoran, Young, Heesue, Di, James, and Jeemin (high school student volunteer))

March 2014 (Xian getting the poster award at COP Research Day)

April 2013 (Jin getting the poster award at EB)

April 2013 (Xian getting the poster award at EB)

November 2012 (From the left: Heesue, Wei, Young, Kwihye, Miaoran (center), Jin Kyung, Kyunghee, Hyejin, Xian, and Yan-Yan)

June 2011 (From the left: Kwihye, Yong, Steve, David, Heesue, and Young)

September 2011 (From the left: Young, Heesue, Suyoung (front), David (back), Kwihye, Steve, Hyejin, Xian, Yan-Yan, and Lindsey)

April 2012 (From the left: Kwihye, Xian, Suyoung, Young, Steve, Jingli, Yan-Yan, Heesue, and David)