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Step Example Standard Choreography Table

Approach: (F)ront (S)ide (T)op (A)stride (E)nd (C)orner

Name Approach Description Cue Counts
Basic Right F T E C Up R, Up L, Down R, Down L Up Up Down Down 4
A-Step (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
I-Step (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
L-Step (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
K-Kick (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
V-Step (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
Tap Up (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)
Tap Down (Approach) (Description) (Cue) (Counts)

Yoga Example Standard Choreography Table

Pose Sanskrit Type Cue Modifications
Downward-Facing Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana Standing Start on hands and knees. Knees directly under hips, hands inline with shoulders. Curl and toes and lift knees away from the floor. Lift sitting bones toward ceiling and arms extend. Press index finger and thumb firmly into the floor. Look between legs or at toes, release tension from the neck. For lower back sensitivity, keep knees slightly bend or fully bent, or in devotional (child's pose with arms extended).

High blood pressure, rest head on block, keep ears level between arms.

(Pose) (Sanskrit) (Type) (Cue) (Modifications)
(Pose) (Sanskrit) (Type) (Cue) (Modifications)
(Pose) (Sanskrit) (Type) (Cue) (Modifications)
(Pose) (Sanskrit) (Type) (Cue) (Modifications)
(Pose) (Sanskrit) (Type) (Cue) (Modifications)