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Below is a growing list of how we use OWW. This could be linked from the front page to recruit new users, allow current users to explore more services by OWW, etc.

Please add so that icons can be made for each item.

How Can I Use OWW?


  • Host Lab website
  • Host Course website
  • Lab Notebook (how well does this work, are there examples? - reidw; igem teams are the best example. see MIT, Imperial, Harvard --RS)
  • Personal Calendar (wiki is pretty bad at this, don't know if we should tout it as a service. -JK agreed. --RS)
  • Document/Find Protocols <- should these be separate?
  • Find Collaborators
    • eased by wiki-categories ( geographical, lab, research focus keywords) - not fully implemented yet -
  • Lab Inventory
    • track orders
    • manage stocks
  • Organize collaborative projects
    • share data/protocols

[**define a new protocol/experience

    • organize implementation of mediawiki extensions
    • organize implementation of a standalone software for OWW community
    • host open discussions on ethical issues
    • discuss articles, wiki-journal-club (not spotted yet on OWW)
  • Publish and share your research

Please share with us ways you use OWW!

Final List

Each will include list of descriptions.

  • Host lab website
  • Host course website
  • Lab notebook
  • Find protocols
  • Find collaborators
  • Lab inventory
  • Organize collaborative projects
  • Publish and share your research


  • Each topic and icon will be linked to page
  • Each page will include examples and "how to" tutorial

Host Lab
Host your lab website

Host Course
Host your course website

Lab Notebook
Description goes here

Find and share laboratory protocols

Organize collaborative projects