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GeneMapper results

  • Overall got a high rate of reactions working.
  • Still have a low signal for CBA28. Have ordered new HEX-labeled forward primer. Do not do any more PCR with the old primer.
  • Consolidated genotypes file: Media: RUBapomixis101110_Genotypes_Table.xlsx

Notes for Stella for new PCR plate setup

  • I have been placing MCU and KRX at a lower priority, which is why there are more holes in the data for these. However, there will probably be enough room on the ABI plates now to start including them, so feel free to do so.
  • For the parent DNA, you don't need to go into the old DNA plates from the hybridization study. There are aliquots of all of these individuals in the strip tubes in the tip box in my freezer shelf. The map of which samples are where is a few entries back in this notebook.
  • If something is labeled yellow in the consolidated genotypes file, it means there is a question about whether the genotype is correct or whether there was a mix-up. These samples need to be re-done even if they have high quality peaks.
  • Focus on Panel 2 while we wait for the new CBA28 primer.
  • You shouldn't need to get into the -80 freezer for anything, but just so you know, we have been having some issues with it. Don't open the -80 freezer if no one else from our lab is on campus. If it doesn't close properly or isn't holding temperature, notify someone from the lab immediately.