Jasieniuk:Notebook/Apomixis in hybrid Rubus/2010/11/05

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Setup for next round of do-overs

  • All parental DNA is now transferred to strip tubes:
Strip 1 Strip 2 Strip 3
A 01-01D 01-06C 05-02H
B 01-02C 01-06D 05-03G
C 04-02B 01-06E
D 05-02G 01-06G
E 05-03B 01-07E
F 02-10B 01-10C
G 02-10C 01-10G
H 01-05E 03-01H
  • Strip tube 1 A-G had been transferred earlier in October
  • 01-05E, 01-06D, 01-06E, 01-06G, and 01-07E were diluted from original tubes, because these wells in dilution plate 1 were empty.
  • Pipetted DNA onto four PCR plates from: parental DNA, new seed plate A, old seed plate 1, and (panel 1 only) leaf (seedling) plate.