Jasieniuk:Notebook/Apomixis in hybrid Rubus/2010/10/07

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Group Parents Offspring
CSP2A 01-10C, 02-10B S01-08E to S01-11A, A-03A to A-04G
CSP6A 01-10G, 02-10C S01-06A to S01-08D, A-05A to A-06G, L01E, L01G, L01H, L02A to L02D, L02F, L02G, L03A, L03B
BWH 01-06E, 01-06F, 03-02A, 03-02B S01-01A to S01-03D, L01A, L01B, L01D, L01F
BWP 01-05E, 01-06C, 01-06D, 01-06G, 03-01H S01-03E to S01-05H, A-01A to A-02G
DAR 05-02H S01-11B to S02-01B, B-01A to B02G
PAT (aka PAR?) 05-03B S02-01C to S02-03F, B-03A to B-04G
MCU 01-01D, 01-02C S02-06C to S02-08F (minus some lost?), B-07A to B-08G
KRX 04-02B S02-03G to S02-06B, B-05A to B06G
CSP6A x MCU L02E, L02H, L03C, L03D
DVS25 05-02G (maybe) L01C, L03E

For plate S01, samples that have not worked at all in PCR will not be used.