Jasieniuk:Notebook/Apomixis in hybrid Rubus/2010/10/04

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ABI runs

  • Added 9 ul GS500 size standard to each of four 1 mL tubes of formamide.
  • Each well got 19 ul of formamide mixture plus 1 ul diluted PCR product
  • Most of one tube is left over, kept in 4C for next round
  • Spun down and denatured plates as usual
  • Plate RUB101001A - runs 6256-6261 - panel 2 do-overs
  • Run 6258 is columns 11-12 from plate SRUB100830A (transferred directly, no extra formamide added)
  • Plate RUB101001B - runs 6262-6267 - panel 2 and panel 1 do-overs
  • Syringe failure after run 6256. Lindsay replaced fill syringe, then Miki replaced reserve syringe next morning.
  • Plates were stored in refrigerator overnight.