Jasieniuk:Notebook/Apomixis in hybrid Rubus/2010/08/02

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To-do list (from Lindsay)

  • Upload spreadsheet indicating the identities of the seedlings LA2-LH8 (run at the beginning of July)
  • Upload spreadsheet indicating the identities (parents) of seeds on Seed Plate(s) from April/May. In particular, indicate which samples are being used and which are being discarded.
  • Multiplex B, C, and D PCR on KRX 1-15 and MCU 1-15
  • Do you still have DNA extractions to do on CSP2A, CSP6A, and BWP pensilvanicus? (Or were those all ok before?)
  • Goal for the end of this week: all samples have been run on ABI3100, so that you're/we're ready to start do-overs next week.

Extra section for Stella to use

I will finish PCR on Friday, and load on Friday evening.