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Selected Publications


  • Kim, EJ., Battiste, J., Nakagawa, Y., Johnson, J.E. (2008) Ascl1 (Mash1) lineage cells contribute to discrete cell populations in CNS architecture. Mol Cell Neurosci., 38(4): 595-606. PMID 18585058
  • Hori, K., Cholewa-Walclaw, J., Nakada, Y., Glascow, S. M., Masui, T., Henke, R. M., Wildner, H., Martarelli, B., Beres, T. M., Epstein, J. A., Magnuson, M. A., MacDonald, R. J., Birchmeier, C. and Johnson, J. E. (2008) A non-classical bHLH-Rbpj transcription factor complex is required for specification of GABAergic neurons independent of Notch signaling. Genes and Dev., 22: 166-178. PMID 18198335
  • Kim, E. J., Leung, C. T., Reed, R. R., and Johnson, J. E. (2007) In vivo analysis of Ascl1 defined progenators reveals distinct developmental dynamics during adult neurogenesis and gliogenesis. J. Neurosci., 27: 12764-12774. PMID 18032648
  • Battiste, J., Helms, A. W., Kim, E. J., Savage, T. K., Lagace, D. C., Mandyam, C. D., Eisch, A. J., Miyoshi, G., and Johnson, J. E. (2007) Ascl1 defines sequentially generated lineage restricted neuronal and oligodendrocyte precursor cells in the spinal cord. Development, 134: 285-293. PMID 17166924


  • Glasgow, S., Henke, R. M., Wright, C., MacDonald, R., and Johnson, J. E. (2005) PTF1a determines GABAergic over glutamatergic neuronal cell fate in the spinal cord dorsal horn. Development 132 5461-5469. PMID 16291784
  • Helms, A. W., Battiste, J., Henke, R. M., Nakada, Y., Simplicio, N., Guillemot, F., and Johnson, J. E. (2005) Sequential roles for Mash1 and Ngn2 in the generation of dorsal spinal cord interneurons. Development 132, 2709-2719. PMID 15901662
  • Nakada, Y., Parab, P., Simmons, A., Omer-Abdalla, A., and Johnson, J. E. (2004) Separable enhancer sequences regulate the expression of the neural bHLH transcription factor Neurogenin1. Dev Biol 271, 479-487. PMID 15223348
  • Liu, Y., Helms, A. W. and Johnson, J. E. (2004) Distinct activities of Msx1 and Msx3 in dorsal neural tube development. Development 131, 1017-1028. PMID 14973289
  • Nakada, Y., Hunsaker, T. L., Henke, R. M. and Johnson, J. E. (2004) Distinct domains within Mash1 and Math1 are required for function in neuronal differentiation versus neuronal cell-type specification. Development 131, 1319-1330. PMID 14993186
  • Lumpkin, E. A., Collisson, T., Parab, P., Omar-Abdalla, A., Haeberle, H., Chen, P., Doetzlhofer, A., White, P., Groves, A., Segil, N. and Johnson, J. E. (2003). Math1-driven GFP expression in the developing nervous system of transgenic mice. Gene Expression Patterns 3, 389-395. PMID 12915300
  • Ebert, P. J., Timmer, J. R., Nakada, Y., Helms, A. W., Parab, P. B., Liu, Y., Hunsaker, T. L., and Johnson, J. E. (2003). Zic1 represses Math1 expression via interactions with the Math1 enhancer and modulation of Math1 autoregulation. Development 130, 1949-1959. PMID 12642498
  • Helms, A. W. and Johnson, J. E. (2003). Specification of dorsal spinal cord interneurons. Curr Op in Neurobiology 13, 42-49. PMID 12593981
  • Gowan K., Helms, A. W., Hunsaker, T.L., Collisson, T., Ebert, P. J., Odom, R., Johnson, J. E. (2001) Crossinhibitory activities of Ngn1 and Math1 allow specification of distinct dorsal interneurons. Neuron 31, 219-232. PMID 11502254
  • Helms, A. W., Gowan, K., Abney, A., Savage, T. and Johnson, J. E. (2001) Overexpression of MATH1 disrupts the coordination of neuronal differentiation in cerebellum development. Mol. Cel. Neurosci. 17, 671-682. PMID 11312603
  • Timmer, J., Johnson, J. and Niswander, L. (2001) The user of in ovo electroporation for the rapid analysis of neural-specific murine enhancers. Genesis 29, 123-132. PMID 11252053
  • Wang, S., Sdrulla, A., Johnson, J. E., Yokota, Y. and Barres, B. A. (2001) A role for the helix-loop-helix protein Id2 in the control of oligodendrocyte development. Neuron 29, 603-614. PMID 11301021
  • Simmons, A., Horton, S., Abney, A. and Johnson, J. E. (2001) Neurogenin2 expression in ventral and dorsal spinal neural tube progenitor cells is regulated by distinct enhancers. Dev Biol 229, 327-339. PMID 11203697

Before 2001

  • Meredith, A. and Johnson, J. E. (2000) Negative autoregulation of the MASH1 promoter in neural development. Dev Biol 222, 336-346. PMID 10837123
  • Helms, A. W., Abney, A., Ben-Arie, N., Zoghbi, H. Y. and Johnson, J. E. (2000) Autoregulation and multiple enhancers control Math1 expression in the developing nervous system. Development 127,1185-1196. PMID 10683172
  • Nakagawa, Y., Johnson, J. E., and O’Leary, D. D. M. (1999). Graded and areal expression patterns of regulatory genes and Cadherins in embryonic neocortex independent of thalamocortical input. J. Neuroscience 19, 10898-10907. PMID 10594069
  • Horton, S., Meredith, A., Richardson, J. A., and Johnson, J. E. (1999). Correct coordination of neuronal differentiation events in ventral forebrain requires the bHLH factor MASH1. Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 14, 355-369. PMID 10588390
  • Tuttle, R., Nakagawa, Y., Johnson, J. E., and O’Leary, D. (1999). Defects in thalamocortical axon pathfinding correlate with altered cell domains in Mash-1-deficient mice. Development 126, 1903-1916. PMID 10101124
  • Verma-Kurvari, S., Savage, T., Smith, D., and Johnson, J. E. (1998). Multiple elements regulate Mash1 expression in the developing CNS. Dev Biol 197, 106-116. PMID 9578622
  • Helms, A. W. and Johnson, J. E. (1998). Progenitors of dorsal commissural interneurons are defined by MATH1 expression. Development 125, 919-928. PMID 9449674