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Autoclave Protocol

  1. Turn on the autoclave. Wait for 10 minutes so that the jacket gauge (top gauge) is between 15 and 20 lbs.
  2. Load items into the chamber.
  3. When closing the chamber door, make sure the door is flush before turning the wheel. This door has a double hinge and if it is not closed properly, the teeth around the door can be damaged.
  4. Turn the wheel until the door lock indicator is lit and do one more turn.
  5. Set the temperature.# This is usually 250 degrees. Do NOT set to anything higher than 250 degrees as the current regulator is only designed for 250 degrees and below.
  6. Set the cycle parameters. Generally the cycle and dry times should be 20 minutes. See the posted chart for more details.
  7. Use either the liquid or dry cycle. Avoid the flash cycle, which does a fast exhaust. Bottles with liquids will explode and empty bottles will not dry.
  8. It is safe to open the autoclave once the chamber gauge (bottom gauge) has reached 0 psi. The complete light turns on to indicate this.